A seasoned UI Designer
with 11 years of experience
in crafting creative digital solutions

What I Do

👋 Hello! I'm Reza, and I specialise in crafting intuitive and visually engaging user interfaces that solve user needs to enhance their experiences.

Explore my portfolio to see how I’ve worked with top brands at leading agencies to bring their visions to life through thoughtful design and innovative solutions.

What I've Done
Mediacorp ONECMS

Transforming content consumption for Singapore's leading media company, Mediacorp, by unifying their digital news channels into a seamless and efficient CMS. Click to learn how the user experience is enhanced across CNA, TODAY, Berita, and Seithi.

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GCash Flashback:
A Year in Review

Introducing GCash Flashback, a dynamic feature designed to transform the financial journey of GCash users into an exciting visual story. Inspired by the popular "Spotify Wrapped," this project offers a personalised year-end review, showcasing spending habits, favourite app features, and financial milestones through vibrant animations and engaging graphical visualisations. Celebrate achievements with fun badges, explore top activities, and relive the year with GCash in a whole new way.

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Siam Commercial Bank
SME Banking

Elevating the SME banking experience for Siam Commercial Bank through a comprehensive website revamp. Discover how we enhanced digital banking with improved usability, personalised solutions, and a seamless user journey. Click to learn how we've redefined online banking for SMEs.

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Sony Alpha Universe

Bringing together a community of photography professionals and enthusiasts for inspiration and engagement, the Sony Alpha Universe website aims to be a content-rich platform that nurtures a vibrant community while seamlessly integrating product recommendations. The design approach focused on creating a unified, scalable brand experience that drives deeper user engagement and supports localised marketing efforts across the APAC region.

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Asian Civilisations Museum

Recreating the in-person museum experience online, the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) website highlights its vast antiquities and art collections. The goal was to design a best-in-class website that optimises visitor experience during and after their visits. This project was executed remotely during the pandemic to create an engaging, all-in-one platform for explorers, families, and facilitators.

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Hilton Gamification Portal

We developed an accessible and interactive platform for easy and continuous learning and skill upgrading for Hilton employees. The portal includes two engaging games: "Grid Guru," a crossword puzzle, and "This or That," where users swipe to answer questions. Badges were designed to reward users for their achievements. This gamified approach not only makes learning fun and interactive but also promotes deeper understanding and continuous engagement among Hilton's diverse teams across the APAC region.